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Welcome to
Symbient Uptime.

Do you need a way to monitor your websites and servers to ensure they're online and available? Then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to
Symbient Uptime

1 - Setup monitors

Define the websites and other servers you want to monitor.

2 - Setup notifiers

Decide how you want to be notified when something goes down.

3 - Get results

Get alerted when your websites or servers are down & become unavailable.


$5.00 per monitor per month

1 monitor per month

1 notifier per monitor

10+ minute polling intervals

Delayed alerts
$10.00 per monitor per month

3 monitors per month

3 notifiers per monitor

5+ minute polling intervals

Instant alerts
$15.00 per monitor per month

5 monitors per month

5 notifiers per monitor

1+ minute polling intervals

Instant alerts
Custom enterprise packages available

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